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This is one of three WordPress blogs that I keep. If you are interested in checking out the other two: Minute Particulars features random musings about culture  and Thinking Outside the Schoolhouse is where I write about learning, teaching, and formal and informal education.

There are three constants in my life that have been with me since before puberty: Yoga, reading, and writing. Now, there are four constants in my life: my husband, Yoga, reading, and writing.

This blog is based on the notion that little practices and a sustained effort will carry us toward Yoga. I hope you find the blog useful.



  1. Hi! I was recently going through my email account and I came across one of the automatically generated emails that i get when you update your blog. The particular one i was reading was ‘A cracker barrel with a view’, and i tried to find it on your blog but didn’t have too much luck. Anyway, i wanted to say that i really resonate with what you said about ‘the more time I spent thinking from this perspective, the more it began to make sense to me—the more I managed to fit information into its form.’ I’ve been experiencing this a lot recently – as a first generation migrant in Australia, I am often torn between my parents’ very cultural and traditional hindu values and beliefs, and the more progressive and i suppose less authoritarian beliefs that i form for myself when i am not around them (i live two hours from them). It is an interesting dilemma, and i have been putting much thought into it over the years.
    Just wanted to say that to you… it was lovely to read something about someone who has experienced a similar experience, as many people find it hard to grasp it. Thank you.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    Sorry for the late reply, life swept me away and then I got sick.
    I would love that! I very much enjoy reading your blog, and your gems of wisdom bring light to my life. 🙂
    Hoping you are well,
    Roshni. xox

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